With the Central Indiana weather forecast calling for several inches of rainfall this weekend, please be aware all of you surrounds while driving this weekend!

When considering leaving your home please make sure you follow these 5 Tips to help protect yourself, your passengers and those who you share the road with.


  1. Give yourself plenty of time– Whether you are going to work, going to the grocery store, or just traveling around town make sure you plan accordingly and aren’t in a rush to reach your destination.
  2. Turn your lights on–  Many times while driving we go through patches of heavy rain and darker sky’s which can make it hard for you as the driver to see but helps those who you share the road with know.
  3. Drive with a safe following distance– when driving behind another vehicle give yourself extra distance between the other car to give you plenty of time to identify as hazard and respond accordingly. (3 SECOND RULE)
  4. Avoid Sudden Movements– Put down the phone and place two hands on the wheel!  Keep both eyes on the road at all time to avoid losing traction and sudden movements you may get from distractions.
  5. Avoid Areas with high water–  Don’t have that thought in head…..” I can make it through that”…….that thought could potentially lead to disaster. If you approach an area with high water, turn around and take a different route to your destination.


A lot of these tips may seem like something you do anyways in your day to day life driving but let’s make sure we are protecting ourselves and others while traveling in the rain.

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