With it being pretty early in the Fall season, its never a bad idea to get a great start on preparing your home for the Winter.  Whether it is going to be a bad Winter or not take a look below for 10 Tips that can help protect your home through all the seasonal changes we go through in the great state of Indiana!

1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

When leaves and tree debris continue to add up in your gutters and downspouts, it can cause water to back up in the gutters which can lead to interior water damage, wood rotting, bubbles in your ceilings and more.  Get those cleaned out right away to avoid damages to your exterior and interior.

2. Check Your Windows & Doors

Be sure to check all windows & doors for cracks and other areas that could potentially be letting cold air inside, which can result in a higher heating bill.

3. Trim Trees

Check all surrounding trees on your property to make sure there are no big limbs that have the potential of falling on your house and even the power lines.  Snow and Ice build up on limbs can result in them breaking and causing issues such as: Power Outages……(Brrrr), roof damage along with interior water damage.

4. Drain Your Hoses and Turn off Exterior Faucets

Drain all your hoses to avoid hose damage from water freezing inside of the hose throughout the winter. Also be sure to turn off all exterior faucets to avoid freezing of water lines which could lead to pipes bursting.

5. Get your Furnace/HVAC System Checked

Most places around town have cheap Furnace/HVAC check ups.  The last thing you want to do is get into the middle of winter and your Furnace go out with temperatures below freezing.

6. Check/Have Roof Inspected

Get your roof inspected, you want to make sure with all the weight of snow and ice that you aren’t going to have a collapsed roof, water damage inside your house.

7. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Take a quick walk around the house to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are all working and have updated batteries in the case of an emergency. (you should do this more than once or twice a year)

8. Have a Chimney? If so…..Get it Inspected

9. Rake Leaves

Raking your leaves can benefit your yard when it comes to the early spring and getting your grass back up and looking the best in the neighborhood.

10. Restock/Check/ Make a Disaster Kit

Have a disaster Kit?  If not it can be very beneficial to you and your family in the event of bad weather.  These can be purchased on-line or you can even make your own.

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